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Pedro Carvalho - Series 3

Pedro Carvalho - Series 3

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This is the complete 8 volume Pedro Carvalho series 3, on DVD! We have complied all 8 volumes on to three DVDs with a full menu with chapter breaks for each technique he teaches. This is the third and final instructional series that Pedro Carvalho did and is a favorite for many Sport Jiu-Jitsu fanatics! Pedro covers only Sport Jiu-Jitsu in this series and shows some of the most advanced escapes and tournament strategies ever seen on video. This DVD series can only be purchased as a complete set. Order yours today!

Volume 17: Advanced Escapes

If you're getting caught in the cross-body position, this tape will show you advanced ways of escaping! Also covers the North & South position and more.

Volume 18: Advanced Escapes

Many times your opponent will catch you in the half guard. This tape will show you numerous ways how to escape from this position with ease! Also covers how to escape critical holds you will encounter when fighting Judo players.

Volume 19: Advanced Escapes

When your opponent mounts you, you'd better be able to escape quickly! This tape will teach you some of the most advanced methods of escaping from being mounted ever produced on video. Also covers getting your opponent off your back.

Volume 20: Advanced Escapes

A Jiu-Jitsu fighter is highly dangerous when he obtains the knee-on-chest position. Pedro will show you numerous ways on how to escape this very deadly position. This tape also covers some excellent escapes from the guard.

Volume 21: Tournament Strategies

Learn highly advanced tournament takedowns and counters to take downs. Learn advanced footwork and the rights and wrongs of fighting on your feet. A must tape for the serious competitor.

Volume 22: Tournament Strategies

Pedro takes you through the most advanced demonstration on fighting from the guard ever produced on video. Learn critical ways to control you opponent to prevent him from passing your guard. Pedro reveals the most advanced ways of obtaining a submission hold on your opponent by reacting to his attacks and countering.

Volume 23: Tournament Strategies

You can't score points if you can't pass your opponent's guard. Now learn methods of passing the guard used only by the most advanced tournament fighters in Brazil. This tape alone will increase your ability to pass the guard overnight.

Volume 24: Tournament Strategies

This tape is the final word on fighting from the top! Every position is covered including the mount, cross-body, knee-on-chest, and the back. Only the world's best Jiu-Jitsu fighters know many of these highly advanced techniques.
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