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Saulo Ribeiro - FreeStyle Revolution

Saulo Ribeiro - FreeStyle Revolution

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2-Time Abu Dhabi Submission Grappling World Champion Saulo Ribeiro and World Martial Arts have teamed up once again to bring you Saulo Ribeiro 2, Freestyle Revolution! This new 6 DVD set stars Saulo and World Champion Xande Ribeiro to deliver the ultimate submission grappling DVD series. His first instructional series Jiu-Jitsu Revolution has already become one the most critically acclaimed Jiu-Jitsu DVD sets to hit the market in years. Freestyle Revolution continues the legacy as Saulo teaches his complete submission grappling system with all of the techniques and strategies he has used to become one of the most powerful forces in Submission Grappling history! Every position is covered from takedowns to submissions to escapes. This series is another World Martial Arts exclusive!

VOLUME 1: Submission Takedowns

On this first DVD, Saulo breaks down the takedown game for submission grappling like no one else can. His takedown grappling game is one of the best in the business and Saulo shows how to control and take down the very best submission grapplers in the world. This DVD is not just a series of moves, but a highly detailed look at Saulo's takedowns, strategies and philosophies.

VOLUME 2: Closed Guard Sweeps from the Bottom

This is a highly technical DVD where Saulo teaches how to control and neutralize any opponent's attacks from inside your guard. Saulo teaches his defensive angles system from the guard position that does not allow your opponent any leverage needed to open and pass your guard. Once naturalized, Saulo then teaches how to take advantage of your opponent's frustrations and sweep and turnover your opponent from a variety of positions. Learn Saulo's favorite sweeps and even new turnovers from arm drags and more!

VOLUME 3: Half Guard (Top and Bottom)

Starting from the top position, Saulo teaches the importance of how to take total control of your opponents making half guard passes much easier then you ever thought possible. These special controlling techniques that Saulo teaches neutralize any sweep attempt that your opponent may try from the bottom. All of Saulo's half guard passes utilize these important control techniques that enable him to pass from multiple angles and directions from the top position. Then Saulo moves to the bottom position of the half guard and teaches how to take control of this bottom position and escape, sweep and reverse the position against the very best fighters you may encounter.

VOLUME 4: Passing the Guard

This DVD showcases the amazing guard passing system of Saulo that he has personally developed to win 2 Abu Dhabi World Championships. This is a highly detailed competition level DVD that deals with the many variables that you will encounter in a submission grappling match. Saulo starts this DVD by teaching how to control the opponent when inside his closed guard preventing his attacks and attempted sweeps. Then Saulo teaches how to open the legs with some of the slickest techniques you will find on any instructional series setting up the guard pass. Learn to pass the closed guard, open guard, sitting guard, spider guard, butterfly guard and many more.

VOLUME 5: Submissions

On this amazing DVD, Saulo teaches the specialized submissions that are part of his powerful submission grappling game. Starting with the guillotine choke Saulo's favorite submission, you will learn ways to get this choke then you ever thought possible. Saulo's has created a number of ways to obtain this choke from a number of angles and positions that will catch the toughest opponents by surprise every time. This is the most advanced look at the guillotine ever! Saulo also teaches a number of really special armbars to finish the DVD off.

VOLUME 6: Escapes

Everybody loved Saulo's escapes from his first series, Jiu-Jitsu Revolution. On this set, Saulo decided to give his fans even more and do a whole DVD on some of the most amazing escapes ever seen. These are advanced never before seen escapes from every position including armbars, takedowns, guillotine chokes and many more.
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