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Duke Roufus

Duke Roufus Duke Roufus - Muay Thai: Full Contact Kickboxing Instructional DVDs

Learn Muay Thai from one of the best with this awesome video series. World Muay Thai Champion Duke Roufus, widely considered to be one of the most technical heavyweights of all time, shares his personal knowledge of Muay Thai leaned from extensive training in Thailand and as coach of the legendary Roufus Kickboxing Team in Milwaukee, WI. This video series will take you from the most basic Muay Thai concepts like footwork and movement all the way to the most advanced techniques like counter striking, strategies and fight game plan. Every technique is explained in great detail like knees, elbows, punching, counters, fakes, blocking and much, much more. Even fighters of conventional Kickboxing or full contact striking arts will benefit from this Muay Thai series as Duke teaches how to take any opponent out cold!


Duke Roufus - Muay Thai DVD set
Duke Roufus - Muay Thai DVD set
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