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Ryan Hall - Arm Triangles

Ryan Hall - Arm Triangles

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Grappling sensation Ryan Hall is back with his greatest instructional DVD set to date, The Arm Triangle Series! This 3 DVD set is the most complete work ever created on this highly effective choke and covers Arm Triangles and their variations like the Brabo, Kata Gatame (Side Choke) Guillotine, Ezekiel, Anaconda and many more.

This DVD also covers far more than just the chokes; it’s a total game plan that teaches how to create the openings, bait and even force your opponents into Arm Triangles from every position possible.

You will learn how all of these devastating chokes are interconnected with each other and how the principles of finishing are virtually the same for each submission. Ryan methodically breaks down each technique in his signature step by step method that will enable you to smoothly flow from one Arm Triangle to another until you finish the fight!

Ryan even explains the details needed to execute these chokes for Gi and NoGI, making this series a must for any style of grappler. The entire series covers over 6 hours of non-stop instruction and will surely become your new favorite grappling instructional for years to come. Another World Martial Arts exclusive!

VOLUME 1: Positions & Theory of Choking

1. Introduction
2. Principles of Choking
3. The Side Choke (Kata Gatame)
4. The NoGi Brabo
5. The Lapel Brabo
6. The Sleeve Brabo
7. The Anaconda
8. The Sleeve Ezekiel
9. The NoGi Ezekiel
10. The Guillotine
11. The Arm-In Guillotine
12. Arm-In Guillotine to Brabo
13. Kata Gatame to Ezekiel
14. Principals of Positional Control
15. Side Control
16. Knee-on-Stomach
17. Half Guard: Upper-body
18. Half Guard: Lower-body
19. Turtle Position
20. Front Headlock
21. Leg Drag
22. Knee-across Pass

VOLUME 2: Creating Openings & Finishing

1. Principals of Positional Pressure
2. The Head Smash Method
3. The Arm Frame Method
4. The Guard Smash Method
5. Side Control: Kata Gatame
6. Side Control: Brabo
7. Knee-on-Stomach: Brabo
8. Knee-on-Stomach: Kata Gatame
9. Half Guard Top: Brabo
10. Half Guard Top: Kata Gatame
11. Half Guard Bottom: Brabo
12. Leg Drag: Brabo
13. Leg Drag: Kata Gatame & Ezekiel
14. Turtle: Near Side Kata Gatame
15. Turtle: Far Side Kata Gatame
16. Front Headlock: Brabo
17. Back Control: Kata Gatame & Ezekiel
18. Kimuras to Kata Gatame – Armlocks to Brabo
19. Inverted Guard to Kata Gatame

VOLUME 3: Troubleshooting, Transitions and Drills

1. Troubleshooting: Kata Gatame 1
2. Troubleshooting: Kata Gatame 2
3. Troubleshooting: Kata Gatame 3
4. Troubleshooting: Brabo
5. Half Guard Killer
6. Butterfly Hooks to Kata Gatame
7. Rolling Back Attack to Choke
8. Leg Riding Attacks 1
9. Leg Riding Attacks 2
10. The Brabo Roll Under
11. Drill 1: Rolling Brabo
12. Drill 2: Rolling Kata Gatame
13. Drill 3: Turtle Position 1
14. Drill 4: Turtle Position 2
15. Drill 5: Knee-on-Stomach
16. Drill 6: Knee Through Pass
17. Drill 7: Butterfly Pass
18. Drill 8: Roll Reversal

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50/50 & Triangle combo
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Ryan Hall - Combo Pack (Back Attacks & The Deep Half Guard)
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Ryan Hall Combo - The Defensive Guard & The Open Elbow
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