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Ryan Hall - Combo Pack (Back Attacks & The Deep Half Guard)

Ryan Hall - Combo Pack (Back Attacks & The Deep Half Guard)

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt sensation Ryan Hall returns to video with Back Attacks, his newest instructional series with World Martial Arts. This project follows his popular teaching method of explaining principles of control and theory in a way that opens up the grapplers mind to all new possibilities! Ryan’s back game is one of the most effective in the world and his ability to gain back control and finish from any position is one of his most powerful assets. This DVD series is an awakening of new ways to control, dominate and finish your opponents with attacks they will never see coming; including, his revolutionary Rolling Back Attack series that had taken his competition by storm! The entire series is over 4 hours of instruction on 3 DVDs. This is another World Martial Arts exclusive DVD series!

DVD 1: Principles of Back Control

1. Intro to Control
2. The Chair Sit
3. Harness Attack
4. The Spin Behind
5. The Spiral Ride
6. Crotch Lock and Roll
7. The Switch
8. Hip Height Principle
9. Rotation Principle
10. The Harness position
11. The Double Unders
12. The Kimura Control
13. Foot Rotation Control
14. Sleeve Control
15. Preventing Half Guard
16. Chair Sit Reset
17. Harness Reset
18. Kimura to Back
19. Belly Down Control
20. Escapes
21. Mistakes

DVD 2: Finishes

1. Rear Naked Choke 1
2. Rear Naked Choke 2
3. Bow & Arrow Choke 1
4. Bow & Arrow Choke 2
5. Chair Sit to Bow & Arrow
6. Bow& Arrow to Clock Choke
7. Flip to Clock Choke
8. The Ezekiel Choke 1
9. Ezekiel Choke 2
10. Straight Armlock 1
11. Straight Armlock 2
12. Armlock to Triangle
13. Box Control Principle
14. Side Control Turns Away
15. Side Control Turns In
16. Side Control to Kimura Grip
17. Mount to Chair Sit
18. Turtle Attacks 1
19. Turtle Attacks 2
20. Inverted Guard
21. Passing Switch Intro
22. Over the Legs
23. Through the legs
24. Over Under to Double Under
25. Double Under Flip

DVD 3: The Rolling Back Attack

1. Rolling Back Attack Intro
2. Rolling Back Attacks angles
3. Side Control Setup 1
4. Side Control Setup2
5. Hand & Foot Position
6. Single Hook Control
7. Common Mistake
8. Changing Body Control
9. The Bail Out
10. Attacking from the Mount
11. Attacking from Side Control 1
12. Attacking from Side Control 2
13. Attacking from Half-Guard 1
14. Attacking from Half-Guard 2
15. Attacking the Turtle 1
16. Attacking the Turtle 2
17. Attacking the Guard 1
18. Attacking the Guard 2
19. Recovering the Back
20. Countering the Rolling Back Attack
21. Back Escape
22. Pass Switches


Ryan Hall’s new Deep Half Guard is the most comprehensive instructional series ever filmed on this highly effective Guard position. Just like in his previous DVD sets with WMA, Ryan explores this position in amazing detail including entries, grips, sweeps, strategies and more. Other DVD sets made on the Deep Half start mostly with you in the position and then teach various sweeps and turnovers. The project clearly teaches that getting into the Deep Half Guard, the hand, grip and counter fighting along the way is more than half the battle. Ryan breaks down all of his most popular entries, Deep Half variations, counters and much more. The entire series is over 5 hours of instruction on 3 DVDs and is another World Martial Arts exclusive!

DVD 1: Deep Half Entries

1. Deep Half Intro
2. Hip Escapes
3. Basing Out
4. The Hip Shovel
5. The Shoulder Roll
6. The Inversion
7. Hip Shovel Drill
8. Spine & Neck Position
9. Arm & Leg Position
10. Hand & Grip Fighting
11. Controlling Inside Space
12. Controlling the Distance
13. The High Underhook
14. The Low Underhook
15. Combining Techniques
16. Creating Traps
17. The Shovel
18. The Knee Torque
29. Sitting Guard Entry
20. Reverse De la Riva Entry
21. De la Riva Entry
22. Shaolin Sweep Entry

DVD 2: Deep Half Attacks

1. Overview of Entries and Control
2. The Opponents Goals
3. Maintaining the Deep Half
4. The Over Unders Pass
5. The Over Unders Switch
6. The Double Unders Pass
7. Over Unders to Double Unders
8. The Leg Lever Principle
9. The Leg Lever to Back Position
10. The Off Balance Principle
11. Cat & Yarn Principle
12. Leg Lever to Back 1
13. Leg Lever to Back 2
14. Leg Lever to Back 3
15. Leg Lever to Back 4
16. Path of Least Resistance Drill
17. Double Lapel Sweep
18. Double Lapel Sweep to Back
19. Waiter Sweep Theory 1
20. Waiter Sweep Theory 2
21. Waiter Sweep Pass to Left
22. Waiter Sweep Pass to Right
23. Waiter Sweep to Back
24. Waiter Sweep to the Front
25. Waiter Sweep with Rolling Back Attack
26. Arm Control Variation

DVD 3: Advanced Deep Half Attacks

1. The Art of Transitioning
2. The Armdrag
3. Stomping Armdrag
4. Leg Lasso to Armdrag
5. Armdrag Defensive Counters
6. The Duck Under
7. The Jedi Mind Trick
8. Float to Jedi Mind Trick
9. Armdrag to Jedi Mind Trick
10. Jedi Mind Trick to Deep Half
11. The Twist Sweep
12. Twist Sweep to Duck Under
13. Twist Sweep to Deep Half
14. Twist Sweep to Armdrag
15. Half Guard Smash
16. The Underhook
17. The Knee slice
18. The Over Under Pass

Ryan Hall Combo - The Defensive Guard & The Open Elbow
Ryan Hall Combo - The Defensive Guard & The Open Elbow
$ 79.99