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Mario Sperry - Vale Tudo Series 1

Mario Sperry - Vale Tudo Series 1

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This is the complete 6 DVD set of Mario Sperry Vale-Tudo series one. Considered to be the most technical fighter to have ever stepped into a ring, Sperry smashes all barriers of secrecy and knowledge of what it takes to win in the street or Octagon. This series is not just another Jiu-Jitsu video series showing moves without a uniform. Instead, it's a complete fighting style, drastically different and 100% more effective in a real fight than anything you have ever seen before! Mario Sperry Vale-Tudo will teach you every aspect of no-holds-barred fighting from standing techniques to brutal ground finishing strikes & submissions. This Vale-Tudo DVD series also contains live action footage of Mario Sperry in action. See the legendary Zen Machine do the very same moves in real fights as he teaches in this incredible video series! View all six titles and their video clips that come in this six DVD set below.

VOLUME 1: The Vale Tudo Takedown

This first video will change your understanding of how Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu should be used in a real fight or Vale-Tudo match. Here Mario Sperry will show you how to take control of the strongest street fighters and use the principals of ground fighting, standing up! Mario Sperry's fighting style is so effective that any opponent, regardless of style, even students of conventional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will be unable to defend themselves.. This video shows how to quickly immobilize strikers, wrestlers and grapplers and use punishing striking techniques of Jiu-Jitsu that are devastatingly effective! Mario Sperry will teach you how to take anyone down with techniques that work with even the biggest opponent. This is the only video series to reveal these highly guarded techniques and is a must for anyone looking to enter the Octagon or win a street fight.

VOLUME 2: Defeating the Guard

Once on the ground, most people will not know how to defend themselves and will be easily defeated by a Vale-Tudo fighter. However, a grappler or wise street fighter will attempt to fight with his legs to defend himself. Mario Sperry will teach you how to defeat even the best fighter's legs (guard) using techniques that are unstoppable and unknown. You will see why 99% of the guard techniques learned today are not the most effective that can be used in a street fight. You will learn how to quickly open the closed guard of any fighter, and pass his legs with never before seen techniques! Learn to defeat the half guard and much more! Also includes Mario Sperry in action!

VOLUME 3: Crossbody & Knee on Stomach

Mario Sperry delivers the techniques you have been looking for! Prepare to learn a whole new method of Jiu-Jitsu that you never thought existed! We guarantee that the techniques taught in this video are far more powerful then anything you have ever witnessed. Mario Sperry will show you how the cross-body should be used for the street and why sport style cross-body techniques are dangerous. You will learn to easily finish the fight from this position with devastating strikes and submissions that will amaze you! You will also learn how to properly use the most powerful and highly misunderstood position in Jiu-Jitsu, the knee on stomach! Here Mario Sperry will teach you a whole new style of Jiu-Jitsu that will give you a new arsenal of weapons never thought possible! Don't be confused with other tapes showing sport style moves without the uniform. This tape contains a fighting style never seen before that will enable you to easily defeat all other styles of grappling and handle any opponent in a real fight!

VOLUME 4: The Vale Tudo Mount

Forget everything you know about the mounted position! Mario Sperry will teach you a whole new incredible method as you learn why the mount position taught in sport style Jiu-Jitsu schools will not work as planned in the street! Are you having trouble staying mounted on big opponents? You wont any longer as Mario Sperry shows how to put a quick stop to all escape attempts that will render your opponent frustrated and desperate. You will learn how the mounted position was really intended to be used as Mario teaches you special techniques to wear your opponent down making submission holds easy to apply. Mario Sperry's striking techniques from the mount are so incredible that it is worth the price of the entire set of videos alone! Also included: Mario Sperry in action!

VOLUME 5: Finishing from the Back

In this groundbreaking video, Mario Sperry will teach you everything you need to know about getting an opponent's back and quickly finishing the fight! You will learn how to get the back from numerous positions and use devastating strikes to set your opponent up for chokes, armbars and leg locks. Mario Sperry covers all back positions including north & south and the turtle position. Also included: Mario Sperry in action!

VOLUME 6: The Vale Tudo Guard

Think you know how to fight from the guard? Think again! This tape will totally change your understanding of the guard and how it should be used in a street fight! Mario Sperry will show you how most guard techniques learned in sport Jiu-Jitsu will not work in a street fight and are extremely dangerous. Then Mario Sperry will teach you the proper way to control, strike and defend with your legs in a real fight. This video is a real eye-opener and will surely shock many sport practitioners as Mario Sperry teaches how to demolish those attempting to use conventional methods of opening your guard and passing your legs! You will also learn when and how submissions from the guard should be used. This tape is definitely the most important work on fighting from the guard ever produced. Next, Mario Sperry will teach you how to reverse a bad position into a good one by teaching the most incredible escapes ever seen. Learn how to escape from being mounted every time! Also covered is the knee on stomach, the back and more. Mario Sperry's escapes are so powerful that even the strongest opponents will not be able to stop you!
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