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Secrets Of Chute Boxe

Shogun Rua Secrets Of Chute Boxe Instructional DVDs Featuring Shogun And Ninja

Chute Boxe is the legendary Mixed Martial Arts Academy originating from Curitiba, Brazil with an academy now in California. It is renowned for churning out legendary Pride FC Middleweight Champion Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva as well as the Rua brothers, Mauricio Shogun, winner of the 2005 Pride FC Middleweight Grand Prix and current UFC light heavyweight contender, and Elite XC, Strikeforce and Cage Rage favorite Murilo Ninja. Chute Boxe is renowned for its relentless and brutal, full-throttle blend of Muay Thai striking and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu groundfighting techniques, solidifying it as one of the premier fighting systems on the planet.


Mauricio 'SHOGUN' Rua - Secrets of Chute Boxe
Mauricio 'SHOGUN' Rua - Secrets of Chute Boxe
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