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Roberto Cyborg Abreu - Cyborg Guard Collection

Roberto Cyborg Abreu - Cyborg Guard Collection

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt sensation, Roberto Cyborg Abreu teams up with World Martial Arts to bring you one of the most innovative Jiu-Jitsu guard DVD sets ever filmed! The Cyborg Guard collection contains Roberto Cyborgs spin on his three most powerful and unique guard positions, Full guard, Half guard and his amazing Tornado Guard. Roberto teaches the basic positional theory for each type of guard before teaching all of his amazing sweeps, counters, strategies and submissions. All three volumes deliver the details you need to properly learn each incredible technique in a step by step fashion that only World Martial Arts is capable of filming. This is the must have Guard DVD set of the year!


This DVD details shows a different type of Closed Guard game that you have not seen before on any DVD series! Every technique comes from all new closed guard positions like Roberto's 'Shoulder Guard', 'legs on Back Guard' and more. These are not old techniques with new names but brand new positions that will clearly take your opponents by surprise! Watching the creative and effective new techniques that Roberto has create will make you rethinking the closed guard all over again.

1. Shoulder Guard 1
2. Shoulder Guard 2
3. Shoulder Guard Triangle
4. Shoulder Guard Omoplata Sweep
5. Shoulder Guard Omoplata
6. Legs on Back Guard 1
7. Legs On Back Guard 2
8. Legs On Back Sweep to Armbar
9. Legs On Back Shoulder Lock
10. Legs On Back to Armbar 1
11. Legs On Back to Armbar 2
12. Sweep to Knee Bar
13. Double Sleeve Control
14. Double Sleeve Triangle
15. Double Sleeve Omoplata
16. Double Sleeve Reverse Triangle
17. Double Sleeve Sweep
18. Double Sleeve Wrist Lock
19. Shoulder Trap Armbar
20. Shoulder Trap Omoplata
21. Standing Counter 1
22. Standing Counter 2
23. Standing Counter 3

VOLUME 2: The Tornado Guard

This is Roberto's signature position that fighters for years have been asking for! Roberto has used the Tornado Guard to sweep and turnover some of the best Jiu-Jitsu fighters on the planet and this DVD shows it all! Every aspect of the Tornado Guard is broken down from the setups and entries, to how to attack with the most amazing sweeps and submissions you will ever see! There is even a special section on Tornado drills to help you master the position within the fattest time possible. This is the position that no one will see coming! Another World Martial Arts exclusive!

1. Tornado Introduction
2. Tornado Details 1
3. Tornado Details 1
4. Basic Tornado Sweep
5. Tornado to Triangle 1
6. Tornado to Triangle 2
7. Tornado to Back
8. Tornado to Omoplata
9. Block Counter Sweep
10. Grip Switch Sweep
11. Half-Guard Armbar 1
12. Half-Guard Armbar 2
13. Half-Guard to Triangle
14. Pin Escape Sweep 1
15. Pin Escape Sweep 2
16. Pin Escape Sweep 3
17. Pin Escape to Tornado
18. Pin Escape Lapel Sweep
19. Drill Introduction
20. Drill 1
21. Drill 2
22. Drill 3
23. Drill 4
24. Drill 5
25. Drill 6

VOLUME 3: Half / Deep Half Guard

Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu's half guard DVD is simply amazing. He has proven in competition after competition, that his Half-Guard techniques are highly effective even against some of the top opponents in the grappling game today. This DVD shows all the sets ups and positions along with his very best Half and Deep Half sweeps and submissions. The DVD may very well be one of the most advanced Half/Deep Half Guard DVDs ever filmed.

1. Half Guard Theory
2. Dental Cloth Position
3. Dental Cloth Sweep 1
4. Dental Cloth to Back
5. Wizard Counter Sweep
6. Pass Counter Sweep 1
7. Pass Counter Sweep 2
8. Pass Counter Sweep 3
9. Pass Counter Takedown
10. Pendulum Sweep
11. Deep Half Theory
12. Deep Half Sweep 1
13. Deep Half Sweep 2
14. Deep Half Sweep 3
15. Deep Half Sweep 4
16. Deep Half Sweep 5
17. Deep Half to Back
18. Deep Half Lapel Sweep
19. Half Guard Drills

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