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Marcelo Garcia - Series 1

Marcelo Garcia - Series 1

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Winning Techniques of Submission Grappling stars 2003, 2005 and 2007 Abu Dhabi World Champion, Marcelo Garcia. In this incredible series, Marcelo will teach you effective grappling moves that are not solely based on size, strength or conditioning, but superior technique. Along with these potent techniques, Marcelo also reveals the exact strategies that he uses during his matches. Marcelo not only explains each technique in great detail, he teaches his complete fight game from the beginning of the match to the submission finish that ends most of his matches. This allows you to understand what leads up to these moves working in real fighting and sparring. Learn Garcia's amazing X-Guard that can be used to sweep anyone and his incredible Arm Drags that have allowed him to take the back of many of his toughest opponents. Marcelo has also reworked many older moves with new variations, making them dangerous new techniques that you will want to learn! This incredible series also shows many of his fight clips during the teaching so you can see him do the move in live action and then watch him teach it.

Marcelo Garcia Fight Footage

VOLUME 1: The Arm Drag Series

On this video, Marcelo Garcia teaches his highly effective Arm-Drag. Garcia used this amazing technique to dominate many of his opponents in the World Championships, winning his weight division with ease. Garcia's Arm-Drag leads him to taking his opponents back were he dominates and almost always submits them with the rear naked choke. Here Marcelo breaks this technique down with the smallest details showing all of the variations and counters you will need to pull of this incredible series of moves. You will learn the Arm-Drag from standing and ground positions. This video also includes action footage of Garcia performing the Arm-Drag from the World Championships so you get to see the moves used live as he teaches it. Once again, a World Martial Arts exclusive!

VOLUME 2: Mastering the Back

This DVD deals with Marcelo Garcia's incredible back grappling techniques. As you will see in the World Championships, once Garcia gets his opponents back, it is all over with. Most people watching his fights are amazed at how he virtually always takes his opponents backs in his fights. In this video, Garcia exposes his strategies and very best back taking techniques that allow him to pull off these moves. Learn to take the back from the guard with slick sweeps and turnovers that have never been seen before on any video series. You will also learn his incredible back taking methods from the cross-body and top positions with fakes and tricks that were invented by Garcia himself. Learn to get the back from takedown defenses and more. The fastest way to finish a fight is by taking your opponents back. This video has it all. This video also includes Garcia in action doing the very same moves on taught on this DVD.

VOLUME 3: Passing the Guard

When you see Garcia in action, you will notice that he passes the guard of the worlds very best opponents with no problem. This is because that Garcia's has invented a whole new guard passing game that leaves opponents confused and helpless to stop him. One this video, instead of just teaching guard passes one at a time, Garcia teaches the whole game and strategy that make passing actually easier and more effective. Learn all the elements including control, setup and then the pass itself. This video contains the very slickest guard passing methods that we have ever put on video. Also included is Garcia in action doing the same passes in the World Championships!

VOLUME 4: The Guard (The X-Guard)

Prepare to have your guard game changed forever! Marcelo Garcia's guard is the most talked about grappling game in years. His performance in the World Championships has virtually re-wrote what can be done from your back in a fight. Marcelo Garcia's new X-Guard is the most effective and powerful guard position since the Spider guard and this video has it all! Learn the theory behind how the X-Guard works, setups and strategies and all the details in between. Garcia's teaching is amazing as he shows how to get into his new X-Guard and sweep, turnover and dominate your opponents. Also included is Garcia in action using the X-Guard. Watch his fights, learn his moves! Only from World Martial Arts!
RUNNING TIME: 48 minutes

VOLUME 5: The Guard (Sweeps)

More great Marcelo Garcia techniques from the Guard position. In this video Marcelo shows some incredible new guard techniques that allow you to move into a more dominate position. Learn to sweep into the mount and cross-body position with new moves that will make your guard game more dangerous then you ever thought possible. Marcelo even teaches his amazing Arm-Drag guard sweeps that were unstoppable in his fights. More Garcia in action! Another great tape from World Martial Arts!
RUNNING TIME: 47 minutes

VOLUME 6: Submissions

If you are looking for new ways to tap out your opponents or sparring partners, look no further. This tape contains the very newest and most effective submission from Brazil, many that Garcia himself has developed. Learn chokes, armbars and more from the back position, guard, cross-body and even standing. Along with new submissions, you will be equally amazed as Garcia shows how new details on even some basic submissions turns them into dangerous techniques that opponents will not be expecting. This is one of the best submission videos that we have ever produced. Also included is Marcelo Garcia in action choking out multiple opponents in the Submission Grappling World Championships.
RUNNING TIME: 39 minutes