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Mauricio 'SHOGUN' Rua - Secrets of Chute Boxe

Mauricio 'SHOGUN' Rua - Secrets of Chute Boxe

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World Martial Arts is proud to present The Secrets Of Chute Boxe,starring Pride fighting champions Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Murilo "Ninja" Rua! This instructional set is the first of its kind, revealing in amazing detail their total MMA fight strategy. Filmed on location at the Chute Boxe headquarters in Brazil and at the WMA production studios in NY, this is an in-depth look at the
Chute Boxe fight game. All six DVDs are loaded with all of the best MMA techniques in the Chute Boxe arsenal including striking, takedowns, the clinch, and their devastating ground game! As an added bonus, we take you behind the scenes to the actual workouts of Shogun and Ninja as they prepare for fights in Pride and other top shows. Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua is a contender for the UFC light heavy weight belt. Once again, a World Martial Arts exclusive!

VOLUME 1: MMA Striking

01. Intro
02. Countering punches (slip, 1+2+low kick)
03. Countering punches (slip, bob & weave, high kick)
04. Countering punches (sidestep to body/high kick)
05. Countering punches (closing the distance & knees I)
06. Countering punches (closing the distance & knees II)
07. Countering the low kick (teep+low kick)
08. Countering the front kick (using hands)
09. Countering the kick to the body (trapping leg)
10. Countering the kick to the body (trapping leg + elbow)
11. Countering the kick to the body (knees + high kick)
12. High kick (faking to the leg + looking down)
13. High kick (faking to the leg + right hand)
14. High kick (double kick set-up)
15. High kick (spin around set-up)
16 . Flying Knee
17. Elbow Combination (right + left elbow)
18. Jumping Elbow
19. Spinning Elbow

DVD 2: The MMA Clinch

01. Intro
02. Clinch fundamentals
03. Pummeling from the clinch I
04. Pummeling from the clinch II
05. Off-balancing the opponent
06. Kicking from the clinch
07. Clinching from a long range
08. Alternating knees
09. Elbows from the clinch
10. Clinching from a blocked kick
11. Escape from the clinch (pop the elbow)
12. Escape from the clinch (spinning around)
13. Escape from the clinch (shoulder to the armpit)
14. Escape from the clinch (swimming the arms in I)
15. Escape from the clinch (swimming the arms in II)
16. Alternative clinch control I
17A. Alternative clinch control II
17B. Left hook/left knee fake

DVD 3: Defending MMA Takedowns

01. Intro
02. Pummeling
03. Pummeling with knees
04. Hip control + knees
05. Pummeling against the ropes
06. Pummeling with elbows
07. Defending the double underhook
08. Outside trip takedown
09. Kick counter into ankle lock
10. Knee counter into takedown
11. Guillotine variation I
12. Guillotine variation II
13. Single leg takedown
14. Single leg defense
15. Double leg defense I
16. Double leg defense II
17. Double underhook defense I
18. Double underhook defense II
19. Double underhook defense III

DVD 4: Top Position For MMA

01. Intro
02. Striking in the guard: punches
03. Striking in the guard: elbows
04. Can opener
05. Triangle defense
06. Armbar defense
07. Omoplata defense
08. Foot stomp (close range)
09. Foot stomp & soccer kick
10. Foot stomp (long range)
11. Foot stomp (jumping)
12. Superman punch
13. Ankle lock
14. Step-through pass
15. Downward overhand right
16. Half-guard: pass
17. Half-guard: arm triangle
18. Half-guard: Brabo choke variation
19. Half-guard: striking & submissions>

DVD 5: Bottom Position For MMA

01. Intro
02. Defending from strikes I
03. Defending from strikes II
04. Triangle choke
05. Triangle to inverted armbar
06. Countering the triangle defense
07. Countering the triangle slam
08. Arm triangle
09. Using elbows I
10. Using elbows II
11. Using elbows III
12. Bicycle kick
13. Standing up from guard
14. Kicking from the bottom
15. Tomahawk sweep
16. Sitting-up sweep
17. Helicopter sweep
18. Guillotine variation
19. Half-guard: transition to guard
20. Half-guard: calf crunch
21. Half-guard: heel hook
22. Half-guard: knee bar
23. Half-guard: Kimura

DVD 6: Advanced Groundfighting

00. General intro
01. Intro
02. Side control
03. Side control: blocking the underhook
04. Side control: controlling near shoulder
05. Side control: Americana
06. Side control: switching to the opposite side
07. Side control variation
08. Side control variation: punches & elbows
09. Side control variation: knees I
10. Side control variation: knees II
11. Side control variation: elbows to the body
12. Side control to North-South
13. North-South: Kimura
14. Soccer Kick I
15. Soccer Kick II
16. Soccer Kick variation
17. Side control to Mount
18. Side control: triangle choke
19. Mount: striking from the mount
20. Mount to back mount
21. Back mount: arm triangle
22. Back mount: rear naked choke variation
23. Escape from the side control
24. Escape from the turtle
25. Escape from the mount
26. Escape from the back mount