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Mario Sperry with Murilo Bustamante - Master Series 1

Mario Sperry with Murilo Bustamante - Master Series 1

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This is the complete 6 DVD set of Mario Sperry Master Series One. This is Mario Sperry's first series on Sport Jiu-Jitsu and is widely considered to be one of the greatest instructional series ever produced on Sport Jiu-Jitsu. This series also stars World Champion Murilo Bustmante! These DVDs are loaded with the very best techniques from two World Champions! If you want to be the best...learn with the best! Order this exclusive Master Series today! View all 6 of the DVDs and their demo video clips below.

VOLUME 1: Takedowns and Stand up Strategies

This new video details the most advanced standing techniques ever shown. You will learn the critical area of first grip control. This initial attack is one of the most important parts of fighting at the Black Belt level and Mario and Murilo reveal all of the hidden details! You will learn how to control and get the takedown first, every time! This tape not only shows the grips and attacks but also shows the most advanced methods of taking down an opponent in sport Jiu-Jitsu available. Many of these takedowns have been personally developed and used by Mario and Murilo to become World Champions. You will not see this material elsewhere!

VOLUME 2: Advanced Guard

The most advanced guard tape ever produced, period. Here you will learn offensive and defensive techniques from the guard that you will not see on other videos or from other instructors. Get into the minds of two World Champions as they detail the moves that bring the fight to a quick end. The techniques shown are the same used by Sperry and Murilo to win World Championships year after year. One of our best guard tapes ever!

VOLUME 3: Advanced Submissions Part 1

VOLUME 4: Advanced Submissions Part 2

If your looking for submission techniques that many Black Belts do not even know, you have come to the right place. Mario and Murilo hold nothing back as they teach the techniques that have resulted in over 500 tournament wins between the both of them! That includes three World Championships! You will learn submission combinations from the mount and the guard that will leave your opponents helpless. Once again this is our most advanced work ever produced on this position.

VOLUME 5: Advanced Turnovers and Sweeps

When competing at the World Championship level, most fights are won with sweeps and reversals. Every year new techniques are developed on the battlefields of Brazilian tournaments that are designed to give the world's top fighters the winning edge. In this tape, Mario and Murilo give you an offensive-defense look at how to win using the most newly developed techniques. These moves are so advanced that without these tapes, you may not see them in the US for a couple of more years. You will also get a unique opportunity to learn some of the little tricks and fakes that only men like Mario Sperry and Murilo Bustamante know. Get the added edge on your sparring partners, order today!

VOLUME 6: SPECIAL BONUS! - 1998 Brazilian World Championships

Every year the very best fighters compete in the World Championships held in Rio de Janeiro. This year Mario Sperry and Murilo Bustamante both competed in the absolute division finals. This exciting video captures all the matches and its explosive. controversial final match that almost ends in a riot.
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