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Mario Sperry - Master Series 2

Mario Sperry - Master Series 2

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This is the complete 6 DVD set of Mario Sperry Master Series Two. World Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Mario "The Zen Machine" Sperry returns in Master Series 2 to deliver the most advanced sport set ever. This is one of the most popular sets he has ever done and contains the most advanced Sport Jiu-Jitsu techniques we have ever put on video. Learn Mario Sperry's devastating clock choke that defeated two Gracie's in one year. Get the jump on the competition, order Master Series 2 today! View the details for all six DVDs from this set and their video clips below.

VOLUME 7: Advanced Takedowns

This new exciting takedown DVD is the most advanced work on takedowns ever produced on video. Three-time World Champion Mario Sperry teaches tricks and tactics that will bring down the toughest sport fighters on the planet. These techniques are the very same ones used by Sperry in competition and are explained detail for detail. You will learn new grip techniques and advanced setups for takedowns. Learn to use clever footwork and unbalancing techniques that make the standing game much easier. Everything is covered: throws, flips, trips, foot sweeps and more. This is all new material not covered in Master Series 1. You won't want to miss this DVD!

VOLUME 8: Advanced Passing The Closed Guard

This new video will shed all new light on how to pass the guard World Champion style. Here, Sperry details the new Jiu-Jitsu of the millennium with new passing methods that break the conventional rules. Sperry teaches why not to stand when passing the guard and shows powerful methods of getting the legs open and passing the guard for those winning points. The greatest guard passing video ever; a must have for your collection.

VOLUME 9: Advanced Passing The Open Guard

This video will teach you some of the slickest methods in the game today. Mario Sperry teaches his two-sided attack that he has developed that worked on some of the toughest Black Belts in Brazil. Sperry teaches his relentless style of pressure and also his responses to all of the counters that your opponents will try to prevent you from passing their guard. This video also teaches detailed ways of quickly securing the position once you start to pass, to avoid being placed back in the guard again. An amazing video!

VOLUME 10: Advanced Passing The Half Guard

According to Mario Sperry, the biggest mistake most fighters fall prey to is the half guard. To combat this problem, Sperry has developed powerful methods of defeating this problem area that will work against any opponent. Here he shows his strategy on how escape this position and how to defeat all of the counters he has run into over the years. He will teach you how to avoid submissions and turnovers from this position and how to escape and get the points!

VOLUME 11: Advanced Turnovers And Sweeps

This video once again sets the standard for sweeps. Here Sperry teaches why most fighters make mistakes when attempting sweeps because of poor timing and impatience. Many times Mario has won in the last critical seconds of fights because of the tactics taught in this video. Here he teaches his secrets on how to sweep from the closed guard, open guard and half guard. This turnover DVD will definitely open your eyes to a whole new game of Jiu-Jitsu. Don't miss out!

VOLUME 12: The Clock Choke and Advanced Submissions

In this awesome video, "The Zen Machine" demonstrates his most deadly weapon, the Clock Choke. Learn the Clock Choke and all its many variations and positions it can be obtained from. He shows why his version became so "deadly" compared to other techniques and how to set up your opponents into the Clock Choke. Mario then starts to teach some all new advanced submissions that you will not see elsewhere like armbars, wrist locks, chokes from all positions including the half guard and crossbody. The most advanced submission video available today!

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