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Marcelo Garcia MMA Fight Shorts

Marcelo Garcia MMA Fight Shorts

SKU FX1010-32
Weight 1.00 lbs
$ 39.99

These are the very same grappling and MMA fight shorts chosen by ADCC Champion Marcelo Garcia. Marcelo was looking for a short that had a good snug fit around the waist, but more freedom in the groin area to accommodate his flexible guard game. The result is a short that has become an instant favorite to many top Jiu-Jitsu and MMA fighters world-wide. These MMA shorts are also perfect for Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai fighters because the look like MMA Shorts, but feel like Muay Thai shorts when fighting and training! Marcelo Garcia wore these to his most dominate performance ever seen in grappling to win the ADCC 2007 World Championships. These shorts are so unique, many world famous fighters that come to film instructional videos at the WMA production studios in NY, ask to wear a pair when filming their own series! FightFX grappling shorts are without a doubt, the very best constructed fight shorts on the planet. Sizes run exact.

These shorts come complete with a comfortable fit, durable design, and awesome look! Order yours today exclusively at groundfighter.com!