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Jackson & Vanarsdale

Mike Jackson, Kevin Vanarsdale Kevin Jackson and Mike Vanarsdale in Ultimate Takedowns Instructional DVDs - Wrestling For MMA

This awesome DVD release stars Olympic Gold Medalist Freestyle Wrestler, Coach and former UFC Champion Kevin Jackson with NCAA wrestling superstar and Ultimate Fighting veteran Mike Vanarsdale as they teach you everything you need to know about takedowns and defending takedowns. No matter what style you practice, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, no holds-barred or traditional martial arts, this video series is a must. This mammoth 5 hour video set contains the techniques and counters that wrestlers don't want you to learn! Crammed full with 6 volumes of takedowns and takedown defenses from stance to what's available after the takedown, this mixed martial arts instructional is a favorite for many and a can't miss DVD series!


Kevin Jackson & Mike Vanarsdale - Ultimate Takedowns
Kevin Jackson & Mike Vanarsdale - Ultimate Takedowns
$ 99.99